Grow Your Own, Make Your Own

a journey of discovery

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A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could ~ Zig Ziglar




Inspired. There are many people in my life who make me feel that way. It is something that they do unconsciously. I’m sure if I told them they would laugh and question the truth of it. I’ve already told you about the inspiration my parents have given me. I’m sure they have no idea. Perhaps I should tell them more often.


They have also inspired my sister I’m sure. She too has a similar dream to mine and to theirs. In turn, she inspires me! She and her husband are further along in their journey than I am so here is another source of wisdom from whom I can seek advice. Lou Lu is a vegan and, among other things, has recently started fermenting foods. I tried some of her homemade tempeh not long ago. I tell you what – don’t judge tempeh until you’ve tried homemade! It was absolutely delicious! She lightly pan fried it in spices and I could not get enough. Unfortunately, she also lives 5 ½ hours away by car so, naturally, making tempeh will have to go on my list of things to try and make myself.


image courtesy of photography by BJWOK/

image courtesy of photography by BJWOK/

Another inspirational woman who follows the “grow your own, make your own” philosophy is Aunty S. She is also a long way into her journey of growing and making her own food. She tells me that she didn’t know how to grow vegetables when she first started. It’s hard to believe her as she tells me this and I look over her shoulder to see the flourishing melon, pumpkin and zucchini vines creeping out of their garden beds and across the back lawn. Aunty S has started making her own cheese. We are yet to try any, there have been a few lessons learnt along the way with batches that didn’t work, but I’m keen! Very keen! Aunty S also does a lot of preserving and drying of excess produce that she grows. I’m sure she will be another source of valuable information and advice over the coming months.


I have a friend from work who inspires me to do what you can with what you have. You don’t need a 7 acre block to start growing and making your own. This beautiful young lady lives in a unit in town. She grows herbs and a few vegies in a tiny patch of garden and in pots, and she outsources for large volumes of produce with which she makes chutneys, jams and pestos. She also makes her own pasta, and always shares the surplus of her wares with friends and workmates. She does it without fanfare, just simply pops around to people’s desks and offers it. Growing and making your own is not about serving just yourself and your family. It’s about building community, being connected with the food we eat and being generous to those around us, and my friend does this simply and beautifully.


There are many others in my life who inspire me in different ways. These ladies and my parents specifically have inspired me to start this journey to grow my own and make my own, and to extend that to others.


Who inspires you, and how?